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Facial expressions remind me of Ren and Stimpy. Fantastic.

Awesome, totally made my week to see new No Evil. The animation's great, looks more fluid than previous episodes. Really interested to see where the story is going now.

Holy shit. That was genuinely fucking creepy. Awesome work on the audio.

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I love everything about this. The characters and voice acting remind me of Invader Zim, and the music gives it an awesome retro-platformer feel. It'd be amazing to see this further developed; the only advice I could really give would be to include checkpoints in the more frustrating levels to prevent rage quits.

Dude, that was amazing. And your accent makes it better.

I tend to like point and click/escape games, so this one caught my eye. I thought it had a pretty good atmosphere (which is probably the biggest thing these kinds of games rely on); just a little bit eerie and melancholic. The game seemed a little rough around the edges overall though; for instance, navigation was kind of frustrating, I feel like this game could really have benefited from a map. Clickable items were hard to spot, to the point where I was randomly clicking around most screens to find what I needed. There were a few small things that I feel could have made the game a bit more enjoyable (for the piano puzzle, it would have been much cooler if the keys actually produced the notes when clicked). The puzzles were a good addition but were pretty simple overall.

Overall I'd say not bad, it could use some work but I look forward to seeing more of these.

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Damn, I'm blown away by the detail in this. Linework's neat and the colors are smooth. If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to paint this?

Hyptosis responds:

I used photoshop for most of it, I used clip studio paint for some of the background elements and the eyes, some of the fur and feathers. I used pen and paper for some of the plants and stuff, then photoshop to combine the parts. Thanks!

Always happy to see some Steven Universe fan art on here. Looks super clean and smooth, very nicely done.

Awesome detail on this, looks nasty as hell. Babies are ugly.

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