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I've finally made the conversion to digital art, DAMN this is fun. Please check out my new picture if you're so inclined, I'll be posting more stuff in the next few weeks and I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank ya kindly.

New (old) art.

2015-05-29 14:51:13 by 8PoundGorilla

Since completing my 'dickapillar' drawing, I'm feeling inspired to start posting stuff on this page. I'll mostly be posting old stuff from high school but may post some new pencil drawings should the mood strike me. In the meantime, here's a favorite doodle of mine from about 6 years ago that I will NOT be posting to the art portal (cuz, you know, it's just a doodle).


Finally joined NG...

2012-02-22 14:24:22 by 8PoundGorilla

Been screwing around on here for about 10 years (or thereabouts). Don't know how active this account will be...

Aside from watching cartoons, I'm here for the art portal. I can animate to some extent, but I just don't have the patience for it.

I doodle in my spare time (usually when I should be paying attention in class). So I expect this page will turn into a collection of doodles. Enjoy.

Eight Pound Gorilla is the name of my band. I tried to put in my own name but that was already taken.

*edit* Nevermind; I see they don't like doodles. Though my doodles are pretty awesome...

Finally joined NG...